We don’t talk about the war here

I worked for over a month as a volunteer trying to help Ukrainian refugees in Bucharest, and this is what I discovered, published in Scena9 I am talking with a friend of mine. She volunteers in a transit camp in Bucharest’s main railway station, Gara de Nord, for Ukrainian refugees fleeing the Russian attack. I […]

Will Russia Invade Moldova?

How, where and with what justification could Russia launch an attack? A feature published in Scena9 In 2021, Russian president Vladimir Putin published a rambling essay on the Kremlin’s website called  ‘On the Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians’. As a work of historical analysis it is questionable, but as a historical document, it is […]

What we lose and what we don’t lose in Kyiv

Ukraine’s capital is a memorial not only to the sacrifice of the oppressed against greater odds, but also to willpower, dynamism and revival. A short comment piece published in Scena9 Kyiv has always been a flashpoint between clashing states, cultures and ideologies. After each tide of destruction, the residents barely have enough time to mourn […]

Botoșani: Land of goodbyes

Welcome to the Romanian region that expects its residents to live and work abroad. A feature written with Vlad Odobescu, and published in DoR in Romania and Internazionale in Italy In the center of the northeastern Romanian city of Botoșani is a 1980s housing block, next to an awning for the country’s most popular beer, […]

Before You Judge

A 50 word story, published on Fiftywordstories The rules are easy. Don’t hit people, or shout at them. If they say you’re too close, you’re too close. If they say don’t touch, you mustn’t touch. When I grew up, people didn’t follow the rules. Didn’t follow them with me. That’s my excuse. I know it’s […]

“I received this great gift: desperation”

After a childhood of drug addiction on the streets of Bucharest, a former addict finds an alternative solution for users to recover An English version of a confession published in DoR Interview and editing by Michael Bird, and Ionut Dulamita. Illustrations by Ionut Dulamita It is evening. I am in the room where every Monday […]

These Walls of Me

A short piece of fiction and second prize winner for The Short Story Net   When I was eighteen, my therapist told me that every day I should draw a picture of my face. “Don’t think about what you’re doing,” he said, “and don’t try to be an artist. Take only a few seconds, look […]