Ten reasons why Romania’s proposed mass-kill of millions of stray dogs won’t work and two reasons why it might

An English version of a comment piece published here in Romania’s top news and opinion website, Hotnews: http://www.contributors.ro/editorial/zece-motive-pentru-care-propunerea-romaniei-de-a-ucide-in-masa-milioane-de-caini-nu-va-functiona-si-doua-motive-pentru-care-s-ar-putea-sa-functioneze/ No one wants dogs on the streets in Romania. In a country with up to two million loose canines, no one is standing on a pedestal in the centre of Bucharest shouting We Want More Dogs! We […]

Red Couch E04: Chinese Internet Rumor Crackdown

A satirical webshow on Internet freedom and security. This week how writing about Richard Gere and a gerbil in the same email could sentence you to three years in a Chinese gulag and an exclusive interview with a mass-murdering terrorist scum on their preferred email provider. Written and presented by myself and directed by Alex […]

Man’s Best Friend

A feature documentary on strays dogs in Romania I directed, now available on Vimeo, executive produced by Ovidiu Dunel-Stancu. In the first five days of release the film gained over 5,000 views from over 100 different countries and the number of viewers are still rising in their thousands. Romania is once again in a dilemma […]

If these protestors win against the Rosia Montana mining project – then what? Go home or stay out on the streets, armed with plastic bottle and bicycle pump?

An English version of an article on the Rosia Montana mining project, Romanian version here: http://www.contributors.ro/editorial/ce-se-intampla-daca-protestatarii-castiga-impotriva-proiectului-minier-de-la-rosia-montana-se-duc-acasa-sau-raman-pe-strazi-inarmati-cu-sticle-de-plastic-si-pompe-de-bicicleta/ On 8 September, the protest in Bucharest against the multibillion-dollar Rosia Montana gold-mining project in Transylvania was reaching the city’s central business district of Piata Victoriei, home of the Government assembly. I raced to be at the head of […]

Rosia Montana: a revolt between the young and old

An English version of a comment piece published online in Romanian on Hotnews http://www.contributors.ro/editorial/rosia-montana-o-revolta-a-diferentelor-dintre-tineri-si-batrani/ This article gained over 7,000 visitors and more than 1,100 likes on Facebook. When I was in my 20s in London, protesting was the only way we could engage in the political process of our country. Yes it was fashionable to […]

Saving Rosia Montana is bigger than Rosia Montana – this is a green anti-elite movement centered on a love of country

An article published on the September protests against a proposed gold mining project in the Apuseni mountains, Romania on Hotnews. This was one of the first pieces of reportage published directly from the massive demonstration. Below it’s in English and the link here in Romanian: http://www.contributors.ro/reactie-rapida/salvarea-rosiei-montane-nu-mai-are-legatura-doar-cu-rosia-montana-e-o-miscare-ecologica-anti-elita-axata-pe-dragostea-de-tara/   Opposition to the multi-billion Euro mining project of Rosia […]