Man’s Best Friend

A feature documentary on strays dogs in Romania I directed, now available on Vimeo, executive produced by Ovidiu Dunel-Stancu. In the first five days of release the film gained over 5,000 views from over 100 different countries and the number of viewers are still rising in their thousands.

Romania is once again in a dilemma over whether to kill, save or adopt the millions of stray dogs that stalk its nation.
Galvanized by the tragic and unnecessary death of a four-year old boy possibly by dogs loose on the street (although the truth is still murky), the movement to euthanize dogs has now won Government approval to allow its councils to kill all strays.
‘Man’s Best Friend’ – a documentary filmed between 2011 and 2012 – outlines how this battle has played out before, and reveals all the options for dealing with this complex and emotional zoological disaster. It’s a tough and uncompromising film which required huge risk-taking in getting close to some dangerous animals as well as undercover footage of institutions where stray dogs are roaming.


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