Krokodil sinks teeth into persecuted Georgian drug community

Injectable codeine-based drug Krokodil is raging across Georgia – an exclusive investigation and photo-gallery of users as they cook the killer mix at home, published in The Black Sea and in Business Insider  (USA), Andrei Rylkov Foundation (Russia), Druglink (UK in February 2014) and Szuperblog (Hungary). Necessary ingredients for Krokodil: including drainage cleaner Krot (Mole) Trees are poised to blossom along rows of […]

Smack in the USSR: how injecting drugs in the Soviet Union was socializing

Two nations, countless wars, two revolutions and three decades of drug addiction – recovering user Eka reveals her legacy of opiate abuse from the USSR to today –  a story from Tbilisi. Georgia, published on The Black Sea website  “Nobody could imagine a woman injecting drugs – that was the best mask for me,” says […]