Why the Day We Fight Back isn’t working – and what can be done about it

The Day We Fight Back campaign against America’s surveillance of your email traffic and telephone has good intentions – but it’s not fun, people aren’t talking about it and it’s too techie. What can be done to make people take this issue seriously? An episode of webshow the Red Couch. Advertisements

How Hare Krishna and Therapy Saved Me from Drugs in Tiraspol

Breaking free of crime and opiate addiction in Moldova’s frozen conflict zone of Transnistria needed a cocktail of spiritual and psychological aid for ex-fighter Yuri – a feature published in The Black Sea A former amateur boxer and soldier, 42 year-old Yuri, is reminiscing about his veins. Once they were raised and prominent, like those of a […]

Bucharest wedding singer paralyzed by legal highs, rescued by breakdancing

Paralyzed by legal highs, wedding singer Ciobi was alone, jobless, living on the streets of Bucharest, his body collapsing – until he took up popping, locking and breaking –  a feature from  The Black Sea In south-central Bucharest, 43 year-old Ciobi is standing by the water cooler upstairs in a ramshackle villa housing Italian charity Parada, which […]