What I like about Romanians, what I don’t like about Romanians

A comment piece in reaction to the hate and love against Romania in the British press, published in Romanian on contributors.ro

If you believe The Daily Mail, all Romanians are benefit frauds, pickpockets and secret millionaires of a specific minority and Romania is a country of mud-huts, sick horses, starving dogs and gated palaces of gold-plated window-frames and weather-cocks, built on the theft from hardworking British families.

But if you believe the The Guardian, all Romanians are gorgeous students destined to be UN Secretary General or Apple CEO and their country is an unspoilt paradise of rolling hills, organic farmers and playful bears.

However the truth is Romanians are just people are like people everywhere. They are great and they suck.

At the risk of attracting contempt for being prejudiced and simplistic, here is what I like and don’t like about Romanians.


Openness: As a journalist in Romania, you call someone up, and they will talk to you. Even if they hate you and you hate them. Everyone wants to talk. Everyone has an opinion. In the UK, people will put the phone down on you. In Romania, people answer the phone even when they speaking at a podium in a conference or while they are giving birth. They rarely say anything of much significance, but they sure are friendly. One problem is that politicians talk too much. They spend all day talking to reporters and all evening talking on chat shows. Don’t these Ministers have jobs? Don’t these people have sex? As a journalist, I can’t believe I am giving this advice to Romanian politicians, but please, please, please stop talking to journalists.


Sexism: Why is it that when Romanian men walk into a crowded room, they shake all the hands of the other men, but avoid physical contact with the women? Do they see the women when they enter the room? Are these men woman-blind? If a woman in the public eye takes time on her appearance, she is labelled a “whore”, but if she chooses not to, she is a “tramp”. Men are judged on what they say, women on how they look – it’s pathetic. Most Romanian women I speak to hate Feminism. But this country need Feminism like it needs working traffic lights and free and fair elections.


Grudge-free. I have friends and family in the UK whom I have not spoken to for ten years over a small argument some drunken evening, the reason for which I cannot remember. But here in Romania, you can have a shout at your friends, girlfriend, boyfriend and colleagues, with a preposterous level of personal abuse and the next day, no one cares. The past is a joke. No one holds a grudge.


Deadlines: Why can’t Romanians stick to deadlines?  When I edited a magazine in Romania, we set three deadlines for receiving material back from interviewees – in chronological order – the deadline we asked for, the deadline we hoped for and, finally, the deadline we expected. There’s a reason it’s called a deadline. It’s about to expire.


Ingenuity: Give a German a lighter, he will see a piece of plastic, a barrel, a flint and a small amount of petrol. Give a Russian a lighter, he will see a bunch of ingredients that can help him get high. Give a Romanian a lighter and he can take it apart and reconstruct it into a generator that heats a small farm.


Victims: In Romania, everyone suffers, but no one is guilty. The Prime Minister speaks of being a victim of the President, the President a victim of the Prime Minister. Everyone else in Romania believes they are a victim of the fact that the President and the Prime Minister can’t agree who is the victim and who is the culprit.


Enterprising. Romanians want to know how to succeed. They have a list of ten steps to achieve success. They stick to them. Fulfil them. Where there is a strict framework for delivery, they work brilliantly. Not like the English, who are always trying to think outside of the box. This is fine. But most of the time, the box is there for a reason. Up against an ambitious Romanian, no one has a chance.


Too enterprising: Everyone wants to be a boss, but no one wants to collaborate. On the upside, you have a nation of entrepreneurs. Everyone has a small business. But because they find it hard to work subordinate to other people, few make money and when they continue to not make money, they don’t close their business. They let it live on in a coma. Romanians are great at starting a business, not so good at running one.


Honesty: A Romanian female friend in Southampton told me: ‘What is it with Englishmen? They tell me they love me and two weeks later, they leave me.’ ‘It’s because they are only after sex,’ I said. ‘No,’ she answered, ‘they tell me they love me after sex. But still they leave me. Doesn’t love mean anything to them?’ Romanians are honest with their feelings. They take feelings seriously. The British will show their true feelings when they are drunk and steal them back when sober. The Brits tend to be straight in business, but unscrupulous with emotions. It’s the reverse for Romanians.


Sick: Whenever I tell a Romanian that I have a cold, their first response is “Why?” Why am I sick? I am sick because I am sick. No, they imply, there must be a reason for your sickness. You must have done something wrong. Worn the wrong clothes. Touched the wrong person. Eaten the wrong food. You are guilty of illness.


Positive. This may sound strange to Romanians, but since coming here, I have found people are always positive. If you suggest starting a new venture, they will says yes to collaborating (I am aware this contradicts a previous statement). The venture may be popular, admired and innovative, the only downside being – it probably won’t make money. Nevertheless, people have an uncynical attitude to building a modern nation. Romania is the country that likes to say yes.


356 thoughts on “What I like about Romanians, what I don’t like about Romanians

  1. Westerners, the majority of them, will say that Romanians are not good with deadlines, because the vast majority of Westerners that come to Romania, are small to middle business types, that come to Romania, because in their precious “International Community, Free World, Land of Democracy” West and all the other metaphors and epithetes their zombie Mass-Media likes to self-label the West,
    starting a business is complicated and expensive, and lately only major corporations can afford that.
    More and more mom&pop stores are closing shop, in the “capitalistic” West.

    And when they arrive in Romania, they plan to get rich fast in a country that has low taxes and where people are cheap.
    But how many Westerners are honest about their intentions regarding Romania?

    Remember Nokia, opened a factory in Cluj (Transylvania) and 3 years afters that, they were long gone to Bangladesh, because it’s cheaper.

    If Nokia, a big Western Corporation can do that, imagine the low-to-middle income “capitalists” that come to Romania with 30K USD in their pocket and want to live the country in a few years with 1 million.

    So, in their business they start here, they always try to exploit the people, to the maximum.

    That is way many deadlines are impossible to be fulfilled on time, because they are impossible to be fulfilled. They are deliberately set like that, so that people give their last drop of blood working for the “Capitalist from the Western International Community of the Free & Democratic West”.

    Western managers, almost always set impossible deadlines, because that way the people will work hard and even put some extra hours in.
    And of course extra-hours will not be paid, because you need to be such a “good team-player and you don’t want to spoil all the fun in the team, now will ya good ole’ chap, now chop-chop hurry along and work faster”.
    Personal experience of working 10 years in London in the “software industry”. If this type of exploitation happens in “the West”, even though it is hidden between subtle threats of losing your job, and cheap ironies regarding your Romanian nationality, I dare not imagine how things really are in Romania, the land of 16% income taxes and 1% social security tax for software developers.

    Just the other days, there was a classic example of a Western company in Romania, that opened a textile factory I think in Arad (Western Transylvania), and had clients such as Hugo Boss, D&G, etc.. and were paying their employees a maximum of 250 euros (200 £) a month, and had the fucking nerves to complain that people in Romania are lazy, because they don’t want to work for 250 euros a month.
    They were claiming they had problems finding people to employ, gee I wonder why..

    Gee, what a “huge” fucking favour they were making to the people of that village.
    With the price of 5 Hugo Boss t-shirts that one worker made in less than an hour, they were paying the monthly salary of that worker.
    In less than 3 days, they were able to make up almost all the salaries needed to pay every worker there.
    The rest of the month? Well, whaddaya’ know, the bulk of the profit goes to the “benevolent capitalist from the West, from the International Community”, as these westerners like so much to label themselves.

    If a project requires 12 months to be completed, in realistic project-planning, the managers will plan the project for only 7 months. Why? So the 5 months up to the 12 month period goes in the bank account of the manager.

    Welcome to NeoLiberal Capitalism, NeoColonialism and Corporatism.

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  3. I do not mean to be offensive, but tell me one thing please……WHY do Romanian men almost start singing in high pitch when they are amongst a group of 2-3 guys and get they excited in a conversation?! I am sure they are all not Gay! it is ridiculously funny and embarrassing too! I believe they are not aware that they are doing it and it is cultural, but all the other colleagues here (UK) look at them like they are a bunch of drama queens!

    • Ever been to a Spanish tapas bar?
      Or an Italian restaurant?

      Latin people are just like that: noisy. They like talking.

      Romanians are Latins too (I know, I know, you thought they are all gypsies from Borat’s country, am I right dear ole’ chap)

      As you are a Brit, let me ask you this: why are your teeth so yellow looking? Too much oil in the chips?

      • Haha! Brits with yellow teeth. No I am not Brit. But it looks likw you the Pot are calling the kettle black! Talking of black, Romanians have such horrible teeth from all that smoking, the entire country is going to go up in smoke, if you guys do not watch your smoking. Forget your lungs, your teeth are all blackened out and rotted. Is there a reason why so many Romanian people have gold teeth? I frequent Spanish Tapas bars…yes……and all the men are manly like me, not a bunch of sqealing queens like Romanian men. Their singing high pitch and squealing pig like laughter makes people exchange looks like something is weird! Italians are noisy, but atleast they are noisy and dramatic men, not a bunch of queens like Romanian men! No Romanian men display any masculine characterstics, they all seem hen-pecked and submissive to the women. The women seem to boss over the men a lot. No wonder the men have taken over these giggly high pitched character to their voices.

  4. They need feminism like the need a hole in the head. Must it infect the entire world despite all the misery it has caused? Sooner or later when the SHTF and real men are needed they won’t be there for you. You’ve beaten them down into a pitiful pile of mush. I know. I’m a misogynist troglodyte. Whatever.

    • Not only am I a misogynist troglodyte I’m either a bad typist or a bad speller. Should read “like they need a hole in the head.”

    • I must express my hope that women might be equal to men in rights and opportunities without “beating men down to mush” Come on, people, it’s been the 21st century for a while, now!

    • Absolutely agreed! As a woman in America who is very anti-feminist, those Romanian women need feminism as you said, “like they need a hole in the head”. The person writing this article shows the blatant hypocritical attitude of feminism. Feminism pretends to respect women’s choice yet when confronted with women who choose against feminism, they immediately want to force it on them anyway insisting “they just don’t know any better”. Feminine women still love masculine men, feminists need to get over the fact that we cant all be sexually androgynous.

    • Thank you. I’m a Romanian female and living and studying in the West and I am totally sick of feminism already! it is destroying Europe and all its diaspora nations such as the USA. Modern feminism has multiple faults: ignoring the industrial scale rape culture Europe has now imported (google rape gangs in Britain or Sweden for many horrific examples), emasculating white men while excusing all others no matter what they do, pressuring white women away from marriage and children into a life of loveless sex, degeneracy, and instant gratification, lying about wage gaps, supporting big government and an enormous welfare state, and telling me if I’m not “liberal,” deracinated, and want more feminism there must be something wrong with me, modern feminism is wrong on every single major issue that concerns the West. They also cross over into racial politics and it seems white men are to be destroyed. Over my dead body. Romania, please, please ignore feminism, globalism, modern leftism etc.

      • I am from India, and I totally agree with both you women MA B and StansGirl. I live in the US on the East Coast and I hate feminism. I see what it does to women, families and nations. It tears apart the fabric of society. A woman, a mother, a wife, is built to be a giver and a nurturer, and to hold her family together against all the inevitable storms. But women are being told to lay all that aside for a “What about me” mentality. It seems like a good thing in the moment, but in the long run what it does is destructive, to say the least.

  5. I’m romanian(living half my life in Danmark) and often travelled to uk..the comments are as funny as they are worng and quite pathetic..if you call yourselv a journalist, write about something you can and understand, that requires research, but darling..don’t write about feelings and behavior of a nation you have no ideea about (and you never will)..romanians are latin, not germanic robots (to start with), what you wrote about wemen it’s hillarios!! (and i’m a woman)..you couldn’t be more far from the truth..regarding the other stuff, you got close to, but still far from understandting it:)))..in the end, let me tell one thing you need to know about romanians: we don’t give a darn what you think about us :))..and we think just as bad about you..actually, worse then you imagine;)..instead of giving adviced to politicians, get a life yourself and try to understand the (unexisting) feelings of your spouse or..friends you never talk to in a decade..of your people..and let romanians be…they are just great the way they are and feel:)

    • Regarding the popularity of the comment section (including yours), I’d say that romanian are quite sensitive about what we think about them 😀

    • Hello, it is always good to get comments and especially from other Romanians. I have put a lot of comments on these sites and I do agree with you that people do know enough about a person even individually and cant judge a person or a nation. It is such a pity that there is that there are these particular ideas, but some go by people, people they have known from Romania. I love to know people from there myself as I am not in Romania, but living in South Africa, but people have got to know me as an individual and seem to like me as I have made a lot of friends, so it is the person… I would like to email with you as a friend, but not sure how we can do this unless it is by this way, sincerely, Bianca.

    • As a Romanian (41, male) I can say that you’re on a very high horse and I don’t agree with you.I can’t say that I fully agree with the author of the blog either, but he did make some good points and he was candid about the whole thing. And the point was to have a foreigner’s perspective on Romanians, so what is your problem? You inadvertently added another “Don’t like” to his list, which I share with foreigners, even if I’m Romanian: Romanians are over-sensitive when it comes to their nation and their country. They should listen more to coherent and valid criticism from foreigners rather than dismiss it like they have just been hit by a shit machine. I always criticize foreigners about their countries and nations to their face and guess what? Out of 3, 2 are always open to discussion about their faults. And I’m taking Brits, Americans, Germans, you name it. 2/3 of them never look down on me and are never patronizing. When 2/3 of Romanians can be open about discussing their faults without acting like they’ve just had their sister raped, then you can talk from your high horse. Until then, get down and listen more.

      • Look at her English. It sucks.

        She’s the type of Romanian, full of herself, that believes (not thinks) she is correct 100%, but can’t properly spell correctly in English.

        Romania is full of these types of people who claim that they speak perfect English, when in fact their English is kindergarten-level stuff.

        They always believe they are entitled to an opinion, even though they fail the basic tests when expressing said “opinion”.

        I call it “mature imaturity”. They are mostly aged between 20-40, but have the cognitive ‘prowess’ of a 11 year old kid.

      • Doest mine English bother thee, pumpkin?

        When you will speak OUR language, punk, THEN you will be allowed to died us on our English skills.

    • Cred ca de fapt commentul asta al tau oribil (ca sa nu spun de rahat), l-ar mai determina pe englez, foarte dragutz si bland in caracterizarea romanilor, sa o lase mai moale cu partile de “like”… Cred ca indragostit in vreun fel de Romania, nu a remarcat exact chestia asta a ta, si a tuturor romanilor, tendinta de a fi artzagosi, scandalagii, nepoliticosi, frustrati, rai de gura, ipocriti, critici la adresa tzarilor si popoarelor in care lucreaza si care le platesc salariul… Ca roman, nu subscriu deloc commentului tau, imi displace si ma dezgusta, nu vreau sa fiu compatriot cu tine ci cu unul ca el si ca multi altii de acolo… Poate nu esti o fata rea, am intalnit romance ca tine cu gura asta mare si rea, artzagoase si cu arogantza si o mandrie nejustificata, dar carora daca reuseai sa le indepartezi acest layer le descopereai calitati reale… Incep sa ma indentific din ce in ce mai putin cu acest popor(am avut multi colegi polonezi unde am muncit si pot sa spun ca ma inteleg muuuuult mai bine cu ei decat cu romanii), este un popor lipsit de mister si imaginatie, foarte infipt in concret ,lipsit de simtul comunitatii, femeile arata bine dar sunt lipsite de orice feminitate si dulceata cand vorbesc(auzi, fato, lasa-ma , fato, in pace, ce dracu mai vrea si asta, etc, etc). De fapt, ce pretentii sa ai de la un popor la care pusul muraturilor este un ritual esential, si la care distractia de Craciun consta in vizite la nasi, socri, cuscri, fini, cumetri, in fatza unor mese superaglomerate cu mancaruri grase si grele, kilograme de bauturi alcoolice si televizoare deschise cu volumul dat tare…

      • Esti roman (sau poate nu – ceea ce ti ar justifica multele greseli gramaticale)) si incerci sa iti denigrezi tara in care te-ai nascut. Sa iti fie rusine!

    • Well said. Maybe you should become a journalist and offer the opinions that reflect reality of life in modern day Romania. Have a happy and safe 2016.

    • I’m glad you confirmed that you “Romanians” don’t like us nor give a darn (it’s DAMN). You don’t know us until you came here. You didn’t even have a clue but that’s helped me a lot as a English person. That you people have no manners not do behave as humans. & If you’re going to write in English properly or keep your opinions to yourself. Has for you lot being better than us. Just who do you think you are?..

      • And you? Who do YOU think you are to judge other culture? What means civilization ( english civilization)in your opinion? Drunk girls having sex on public places? Cities full of english rough sleepers? Your so called manners are fake and doubled face it. Why do you think this kind of manners are more valued than being maybe rough but honest? Yes, an Romanian, if you are idiot will tell you face to face that you are idiot. That means to be honest. 🙂 You live in your bubble with closed eyes, and you think the world end on Land’s end, and english language is the only one on this planet. Your country became a place full of hate, with lazy drunk people that only reading thing they knows is Daily Mail. If Diana doesn’t know the english peoples, she didn’t lost anything. I don’t think is much to learn from them. Most of them don’t even know their own history . So get out from your bubble and see that what I said is not just my own opinion, is not just romanians opinion, is a full planet that just laugh about your english stupidity. The times of big english men have gone. Present generation just shame their ancestors. Today you are proud of having Farage and BJ. Two monkeys.

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  7. I am sorry that people are running this person down about her English because when they do this, how is their Romanian? I think it is cruel what they have been saying about her as they also don’t know her personally to judge her and to run her down and I can understand how she must feel.

  8. I am a Romanian living in Romania and I agree with everything wrote in this article. It was neither prejudiced, nor simplistic, nor ill-informed. The parts about the sexism, deadlines and victimization were spot on.

  9. I like your article. I am a romanian, living in Romania. I often asked myself why men do not shake hands with women here … do they not think of us as their equals? Not even in “official” situations like a business meeting or so? I feel embarrassed whenever this happens. What kind of strange habit is that?

    • Respect for all women. What you just described keeps home-wrecking, mistresses, cheating, and female jealousy down. You wouldn’t believe the way feminist women treat each other.

      Why would everybody need to touch? That is a far stranger habit to need to touch and meet many strangers of the opposite sex, especially when in a committed relationship.

    • I don’t know if it’s a common thing all over the Romania, but here in Moldavian region it is said that men shake hands with women only when they are doing a ‘deal’ .Yes, sexually speaking. Like, you shake hands with prostitutes.
      I know, this is a fucking idiotic concept.

      • its exactly the same anca. we dont shake hands because only “whores” or “easy women” shake hands in our minds…so its a form of respect not shaking hands. sooo…if a romanian is shaking hand with you it means he wants something sexually with you or he doesnt respect you.

    • I’m a romanian woman, but from my experience, men and women always shake hands when they first meet. When men enter the room, they shake hands with other men as a greeting. Men tend to have men friends, women tend to have women friends. Women hug or even kiss each other on the cheek as a greeting. No big deal, i never thought much of it, i was surprised when the author pointed that out. I think shaking hands is just something that’s unusual for romanian women culturally, i mean, they don’t even shake hands with each other.

    • Theo,
      In my opinion, the men are confused about shaking a woman’s hand because their fathers used to kiss a lady’s hand. That was the custom only about 30 years ago and was a sign a deep respect for women.

      • In my country, Romania, nobody is “shaking” a woman’s hand and nobody did this is in the past ! In the past the trend was to kiss women’s hands, but this is outdated and pretty weird for nowadays young women.

    • I know it is to late to answer, but, in order for a man to shake a woman hand, SHE need to be the one offering the hand, it is impolite the other way around.

  10. Regarding the part where we say we are victims of prime minister & president (and I would add all Romanian politicians) is quite true… Thanks to some changes we jailed roughly 1000 politicians/ministers/MP/etc just last year (that is 3 per day during 2014) for coruption

  11. I am a Romanian and sometimes I just feel like I really hate Romanians because they are so mean and so judgemental and they don’t know how to respect each other’s opinions, thoughts, feelings , they have a dirty mouth and snap easily, they like so much to gossip and they are so envious if you are a bit smarter , good looking or richer than they are.Most of the times they have a communist thinking, like women are supposed to stay locked in their homes and not have too much fun besides her family, otherwise she is a bad mother, they are hypocrites and vulgar , even in traffic a man would easily curse and spit a woman , they don’t respect women and women don’t respect themselves.
    In Romania , especially as a woman , you don’t have to say that you like a certain movie , or watch a certain shoe, or like to just use the facebook aimlessy , or use the internet because you are considered to not be a good woman, you are not a good housewife, a good mother, so basically if someone asks you what you have been doing lately you just have to answer “oh..nothing , just work and chores , taking care of kids and work and work and taking care of house and cooking for husband “.
    If you ask someone a simple question in Romania and that person knows the answer and you don’t he makes you feel such a loser , a failure of a man. People are rude, hysterical , nevrotic and they cut in line so easily and they tell you that you are fat, ot too thin , or that or that. They judge you by the music you listen to , by the shows you watch, by the way you dresss, everyone feels superior to others . Maybe they are friendly ,but they are like this because they like to stick their nose in other people’s business, they are too curious and want to know many things about you so that afterwards thay can laugh out loud about you and gossip you .
    If you laugh, if you smile people think you are stupid and you don’t seem a serious person, so in order to be treated well in society you always have to be gloomy and never smile, you have to have a facial expression as if you’re about to throw up .
    I am Romanian , however, and sometimes I feel like my Romanians are so intelligent, so smart, they are open minded ( which is so false ..I know ) , they have such a great sense of humor, know how to party and can be friendly.
    But it is not true , they just like to laugh at each other and they also think that their country sucks , but if a foreigner tells them that their country sucks, than that foreigner becomes their enemy. They say they are so religious , but they easily make abortion as a way of contraception,they beat their wives, they drink a lot , they are very racist , intolerant , they don’t like and they don’t know how to respect the diversity, be it one of the opinion, religion, sexual orientation,race etc.
    I love my country and the language , I love its culture , but not the people in it.

    • Hello, it was very interesting to read, but it sounds like people if they dont have Christ in their lives, they will be as if evil as the world has good and evil in it because of the temptation concerning the apple. One needs to really get to know Christ to know what I mean because it is the only way to eternal life. I hope and pray that you will see what I mean as I hope to see you in Heaven one day. God has helped me overcome so much and I can see how He has changed me, so it is the way people are until they are changed. I wouldnt call myself religious, just someone who has a personal relationship with Jesus who loves us and ready and willing to forgive us and God is not willing any should perish, but have eternal life. You can ask me what you need to know about this, but is the most important thing in life, sincerely, Bianca.

      • The problem is not about not having Christ in their lives. All research and studies done prove that people who have Christ in their life are no more altruistic or accepting of others than those who don’t. There are good people and bad people of just about every group out there. Many people have died at the hands of those with Christ in their life because they took it on themselves to make the nonbelievers suffer for not being along with their crowd. Nobody should blindly jump into any one religion without looking into all religions first.

      • Amen Bianca. If one follows Christ with all his heart, he will be able to overcome all these things that Alina described. Our best intentions and our will power, do not take us far. We may desire to prosper, but all our striving takes us around in circles and the only real hope is JESUS CHRIST

    • Hellooooo!! Who do you think makes the country?yes my dear, the people… is a country really a country without the people in it? I think no… I’m also a romanian living in Romania and I just got to say that all those things you wrote cannot be used to describe all the romanians just because you’ve experienced some of them that doesn’t mean that you can generalise, you just met the wrong people and been through bad experiences.

    • You like Romanian culture but don’t like Romanian peoples? How hypocrite is that? Looks like you are just an ignorant and frustrated hater.

  12. I enjoyed this blog and some of the comments. I did not, however, like the comments putting down someone’s English. My French and Portuguese is terrible compared to the other writer’s English. In fact I took the writer to be fluent and the bad comments unfair and unkind.
    English is a very useful language to use to communicate between people who do not share a common language – that is one of its great strengths and it does not need to be spoken perfectly to be useful in that way. We are not like the French who demand French be pure and spoken in a particular way.

  13. … and in fact there are great differences even between English English and American English. We think American English is dumbed down … but that is another argument altogether. My point is that there is no pure form of English. There are great differences in English between the different countries in which it is commonly spoken: Britain, America, Canada, Ireland, South Africa and many other African countries, India, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and so on.

  14. Romanian men have most of them zero education…
    I am an Aromanian person in Romania and i hate them very much,beside Romanian women.

    • Sorry to hear that, just wondering if as you say that you are Aromanian, that means you are from Greece, is that so? I hope to also find something like this on Greeks and Greece, is there one? sincerely, Bianca.

      • Every other European is much more educated than you “great Romanian men and women”.Thats a fact.
        Sincerely,stay away from me Romanian men and women like you.

    • you look pretty frustrated, sir! What determine you, an Arminian, to hate Romanians? Please explain! The men’s “zero education” it is not a reasonable justification to hate a nation! On the other hand, by explaining it, you could help us improve/change our bad behaviour!
      Thank you!

      • explain the sexual words that are so many in your great language and how many Romanian men use them today…until then you can leave me alone and stay at a safe distance from persons like me!!
        you Romanian men are as awful as Romanian women!! Period!!

  15. Errata : please disregard the ‘it’ in the following sentence:
    “The men’s zero education IT is not a…’

    • you will impress maybe a stupid European who doesnt know how real Romanians are!!
      Yeah the so-called “great Romanian men and women”.

      • You’re quite full of yourself…Or a troll maybe ?
        Why stay in Romania if you hate it’s people so much ? Do like most of the educated romanians do and flee to the west for a better future/job/salary !
        Then calling ignorants people who don’t know who aromanians are, really ? It’s such a small ethnic group from such small countries and an even smaller economy in the balkans, I don’t think “many much more educated european people” have any knowledge of this ethnicity…I’m not expecting every french to know all about Acadians or every english to know all about Palaos…Get real man…

      • I have Romanian citizenship and i cant get rid of it as fast as i would want to…happy now smart guy??
        Romanians are in no way a “great people”.There are mentally ill people on streets of Bucharest talking to themselves on the streets.

      • 1 – I don’t think in the existence of “good” nations and “bad” nations. 2 – Hookers, crooks and scammers do not belong to any nation.

      • Sorry guys i am sick and tired of living in Romania and enduring aggressive people s words in every public place.
        Romanian women are gold diggers and prostitutes,and Romanian men are aggressive and zero educated as well.
        Nothing will change what i say.
        Romania-destroyed benches near parks,awfully destroyed sidewalks,streets,people in brawls on streets etc I dont need to say more lol…

      • So what ? haven’t you read the news ? You have access to the european job market don’t you ? grow some balls and go out there instead of getting the piss for Romanian…
        Romania isn’t a “great peple” ? there’s no such things as a “great people”, greatness relies within the individual, not the masses…And there has been brilliant romanian, there still are. A lot of sutpid poor bastards too. Hell, it’s the same everywhere dude ! Go on watch for yourself !

      • Ok..can you leave me alone now strange-name dude?? You like Youtube comment fights style it seems..

      • You must have a Jewish name I think so i wont be surprised by your reply…All people who use Internet are trolls more or less..even you are but you dont admit it..

      • Looking for the godwin award, aren’t you ?
        Nice try though, not a jew, not a romanian and not a troll. a sophist maybe, but alas your level of arguments is quite boring and not that much entertaining…
        Have fun poking on romanian pride !

      • I am free to bash Romania women and men coz theres nothing great about them…
        Romanian men are ugliest white males ever…
        Romanian women are much less educated and attractive than Russian women.
        These are FACTS.

  16. I have found out that Aromanians are communities in the North of Greece. How and why I found out is that I have found I have connections with Greece and want to find a site like this concerning Greece and Greeks…

      • There is one youtube clip about prostitutes in Madrid and environs Germany Hamburg St.Pauli and the Greek guy i mentioned lives in Thessaloniki and he said Romanian and some Slavic women exist in some brothels in Elladha..
        Thats all I know.

  17. @Mihai
    Thank you for the “very educated” explanation you have provided above!
    I have no other comments to make on this matter since I noticed that you cannot carry a discussion in decent terms.


    1. I am not trying to impress anybody! I am who I am, with my limits and competences. And btw, if you cannot show any respect for me just because I am a Romanian it is really not my problem; it is yours! (Not sure if you understand that!).

    2. Did you try to get rid of the Romanian citizenship? It is not complicated at all…
    Anyway, it looks like you are unable to handle the truth!

    3. Thank you for advise although I usually do stay away from people like you.

    Take care of yourself!

    • I dont need your wishes …You Romanians need to take care of yourself you will be only 8 million old people in the year 2100!!
      I bet you didnt even know that main problem of Europe is population decreasing…
      You Romanians like Third World immigrants very much you dont like your poor Romania at all!!

    • Hello, just want to say that it is a pity what sin has brought into the world because of Adam and Eve, just imagine if they didnt eat the apple from that tree that God didnt want them to, then no one would have sin and the world wouldnt either…

  18. Well, it’s been interesting to read what everyone has commented, but I think it’s time that I add something myself.

    First, here is a bit about me. I am a Romanian woman. In University I received a 4.0 GPA, numerous scholarships and grants from which I could live the rest of my life comfortably, however I still choose to work and study.

    The reason I am writing this reply is to state that not all Romanians are as stereotyped above. Yes, we all work our asses off. I can speak and converse in SIX languages fluently and received a higher grade in English than any of my Canadian or British counterparts combined….who only “know” one language–supposedly it’s English, but they barely pass with a 67%…pathetic indeed.

    All the ‘good’ elements outlined aboveare true, but there is so much more.

    The bad elements are subjective interpretations that the author himself experienced on his travels. Where did he learn journalism? Because all I see is bias, bias, bias (hint: unbiased journalism wins awards, just food for thought to the author).

    Nevertheless, the important thing to note is that one bad seed does not define a nation. If this was the case, then all the Brits would be drunken, yellow-teethed fat ugly hobbits living in century old shacks complaining about the weather. I’m sure there are some who fit this category…but not all.

    Romanians are hard-working. They are smart, and not just enough to get around. They are intelligent enough to beat people at their own game. Show a Romanian how to do something and they will not only learn it, but they will perfect it to a level where they teach you how you perfect the mistakes you’ve been making all along.

    Furthermore, Romanians are LATIN! So, please educate yourself a little before writing an article. Eres muy patético.Oh, sorry. I forgot you barely know English. Umm, how do I put this. Pick up a book. Read the words inside (not just the cover). And repeat until it gets through your thick skull.

    Also, let’s talk about the ‘British Empire’ shall we? While all you Brits were in the dark, Romania had the first fully electric castle (Peles). Look it up! So the sun DID set on the British Empire…more specifically, it happened every night!

    And Romanians are not only well-accomplised, they’re also legendary. Remember Nadia Comaneci? She was the first to receive a 10 at the Montreal Olympics. Such a small country with a relatively small population is able to produce incredible talent.

    Furthermore, while all you Brits are getting OBESE (keep snacking on chips y’all)….and your diabetes rate increases, you have a Romanian to thank for keeping your asses alive. The scientist who discovered insulin was Nicolae Paulescu, a Romanian, who originally called it pancreine. So, everytime you shoot up, remember who invented your lifeline.

    Finally, Romania is BEAUTIFUL. It’s no wonder Prince Charles runs from England to his refuge in Romania every few months. He has numerous homes all over the country and has been reported saying that if he had an option he would “move there in an instant”.

    That’s all for today folks. I suggest you find a different and more educational source for getting your info.

    • There is so much wrong with your comment, I feel obliged to point something out. I think you are making the same mistake you accuse the author to have made. You are not only even more biased than Mihai, the Aromanian dude, but you also contradict yourself. You say one thing in the first half of your comment, then you say something totally different, logically speaking, on the second half. Or you rise Romania even higher than it really is, comparing it to UK.
      First of all: Are you a journalist? Have you taken journalism classes or do you have any degree in Journalism? The logic I see in your comment makes me think you haven’t. People write about what they hear and encounter.
      You are also complaining there are people who can’t learn as much as you learn. If you were as intelligent as you kindly let us know, you would realize there are people who don’t have the same mental capacity as you have. Maybe they are doing their best to learn, that is not pathetic at all, it’s commendable. Not everybody can do what you can do, people are different.
      No, not all Brits are getting obese. There are a lot of people around the world who are getting obese and diabetic from eating too much unhealthy food.
      One more thing: Nicolae Paulescu got his honor and Nobel prize saved by a Scot, or else he would have been thrown in the black hole of shame for his antisemite views.
      Everything written here in this article is true. I am a Romanian woman, just like you, I have traveled around Romania and Europe and I have OBSERVED people. It is true Romania is beautiful. I adore the landscapes our country happens to have, but I also hate the ex-touristic sites who are filled with loose garbage, because our dear people forgot how to throw the garbage in bins or bags.
      Not all people are smart here. Believe me, I have known and come across people who were dumb as heck, people who had no idea what planet they live on and who didn’t even want to know it. I have met ignorant Romanians; I have met average Romanians, even very intelligent ones. I have met all possible types of Romanians. We are just like any other nation on this planet. Every country has its intelligent and horrific people.
      To quote the writer: “However the truth is Romanians are just people are like people everywhere. They are great and they suck.”
      That means he acknowledges that we are not all the same, that there are better and worse people in our country who happened to shape our modern culture. Our country had and has great people indeed, but there is also a dark side of our country, as well as we all have a dark side, even me and you. Accept this. Nobody is perfect and there will always be criticism.

    • Hi, i am Asian so please forgive my bad english.
      Based on my experience, not all Romanian are bad people. Some are bad and some are good, and it is the same with every country in the world. I have been in partnership with a very bad Romanian. he deceived every asian women he met just to get laid, and when i challenged him for that, he started to beat me up, even when i am 4 months pregnant. He called me cunt or hey, not by name. When i said i want to break up, he threatened to take my baby. He has good income while he knows i cant afford to pay lawyer. But that doesn’t make me hate Romanian. Because i just lucky to have Romanian friend who is respectful, polite and educated. I guess it is depends on education and how the person was raised.

  19. After many years in Romania, I reject the notion that Romanians are friendly. No matter how friendly you are most are in a permanent bad mood. Romanians have, in general, a very nervous energy and beep their horns as a national sport. If you flatter Romanians they will be nice but if you disagree with them on anything, ther closed minds explode. I don’t believe Romanians want to know to succeed..they believe they know how to succeed , everyone else are idiots and they continue on succeeding at not succeeding.
    About comments about moving someone who would ‘move to Romania in a minute” – hope you like lack of basic antibiotics at pharmacies, frequent lack of water, waiting months for repairs under warranty… The country is a disaster and a disaster it will always be.

    • Hmmm…Maybe you shouldn’t generalise a whole population based on specific experience…
      I have met incredibly opened minded romanians (and some equally stubborned). And the same goes to French, british, US, and so on.
      I do agree about the bad mood tho, most of the romanian I know are almost all the time very pessimistic…

  20. Romania is a dying nation,Romanian women especially behave very bad,materialistic and selfish.Romanian men are also easy to be angered.
    I want to leave Romania before its too late and to apply for Political Asylum in Latin America,Europe is not safe for me either.
    I dont even need to watch TV I know how my Romanian city looks like already…this country is finished.
    An ethnic Greek born here.

    • Hello, is very interesting how you are finding it there. I am also a Greek and have been interested in hearing about how it is with Romania and Romanians as I had wondered if I had Romanian ancestry before. I live in South Africa.

      • Romania is under foreign NATO troops occupation,a colony of the United States and European Union.
        Many poor people in certain parts of Bucharest searching for food and drinks in rubbish cans.
        Incompetent German president and Prime Minister promising a better life for Romanian youth and old people and doing nothing.
        How worse than this can it be my dear readers who arent living yet in Romania?

  21. Just a short phrase: On Earth, there are no “good nations” and “bad nations”. Crooks, rapists and hookers do not have nationality.

  22. Ive been going out with a romainan im english hes been a womenizer looking at all young girls hes left me and gone too birmingham but i exspect hes just gone with a girl e was very nasty and wouldent spend a penny ive been upset because i lost my mum and he was horrable but i will just get on with my life .

  23. I worked with Romanians. Generally a crowd of men, who whine in very feminine tones. Why? It is embarassing to say the least. Not one of them, the entire lot! Romanian women are rude, aggressive, think too high of themselves whilst actually being mediocre and useless at most things.

  24. Anyone that has expectations this high of an entire nation is unbelievably unrealistic and hypocritical. I’m Romanian, I couldn’t (nobody should) give a fuck about what outsiders think of us.
    It doesn’t take much intelligence to realize that most of the world does in fact dislike us, most of the reasons being invalid due to false information such as Romanians being gypsies (gypsies = not Romanians). The fact that so many people have a strong opinion on the people of an ENTIRE nation is ridiculous. Some are very kindhearted, smart, talented, and some are not. The ACTUAL problem here is that you people have unrealistic expectations for something that just makes no sense doing so. No, we are not perfect, the English are not perfect, you are not perfect, and I’m pretty sure nobody and no nation is. Mind your own business.

    rude selfish hysterical apathetic is only a few of their minuses.
    No difference at all between Romanians and Gypsies they BEHAVE TOTALLY THE SAME !

  26. It’s beyond funny how you truly dare to generalize an entire nation.
    The only problem here is YOU, and NOT Romanians. Do your research and you will find that gypsies are not Romanians.
    Some don’t even follow the traditions at all and don’t even CARE about Romania. We’re not the same.
    I fully understand that you all are extremely ignorant and racist, and that you are happy that you CAN show your racism towards this nation since NOBODY seems to defend it. I bet you wouldn’t type the same way about Arabs 😉

  27. I dont take lessons from any Romanian,my education is much better than any Romanian woman or man under age 40 or above age 40.
    What do you Romanians say for those who know Romanian?
    Futu tsi pizda ma tii…Futu tsi rasa ta de barbat… etc !

  28. I don’t know where you come from but needless to say, and mark my words, you are nothing more but a racist ignorant full of himself that thinks he is actually superior to an entire nation. Romanians don’t want you in their country (better stay away unless you search for trouble). If you were ANY educated or smart, you’d never say this bullshit about us. You are the exact type of people we avoid. Stay away from us.

    • You White skinned Gypsies should stay away from Europe,YOU ARE THE CANCER OF EUROPE.

      • I can’t believe the dreadful comments I’m reading on here. My experience of Romanians has been very positive. Without fail those I have met have been courteous and kind and my Romanian friends are erudite and well read. I have the highest opinion of them.

      • Yea man yours is nice one,IT HAPPENS,coz Rumanians are CUNNING AND THEY KNOW TO LIE and simulate Kindness TO GET FAVOURS FROM FOREIGNERS !
        STAY IN ROMANIA SOME 20 YEARS AND SPEAK ROMANIAN AND YOU WILL SEE HOW UGLY THEY BEHAVE !Especially young Romanian women under 40,also above 40 !

      • Hitler…!!!!! That’s what I’ve been saying since they arrivied & fucked up the UK it wasn’t great to start with but Romanians have destroyed it. No wonder English people will leave. If only I could

  29. you inferior creature, low IQ-ed, under 40 or above( or only under 40 if we shoul talk about your iq and lacking of education), you should better do something with your life and stop beeing that dumb and to generalize a whole nation. you haven`t been in romania for 20 yrs, if you would have done this, then you will never have said that, so please again, stop beeing unusefull and go kill yourself, tahnk you!

  30. Mikhail or mihai, based on his comments seems to be one and the same frustrated russian troll, since in his own words “he loves russian women” more than he does love our romanian awesome babes. Which is good, with such a lowlife personality I doubt any decent romanian woman would look at his sorry ass. The dude actually admits living in Romania while talking thrash all along the way about the nation, the country and what not. Well ombre, nobody is forcing you to live there. Don’t like it, get the hell out, you genius you with an IQ bigger than anyone “above or below 40 years old” (what a retarded statement anyway, I’m assuming that’s your age). That country does not deserve you, that’s how great you are. So move along mate, nothing to see here. And if you’re really an aromanian, move back to Greece where you belong, start paying your debt and stop being a lazy ass. Cheerios, mate

    • Yeah sure paranoia of Rumanians anybody who hates them is automatically Russian or Magyar or something.
      And Rumanian women are pefect babes lmfao! Troll fail !
      Many Romanian women look also like Alice Iacobescu Digi24 average, short hair and glasses !
      Rumania is not full of supermodels and will never be ! No such thing anywhere ! Stop this Internet junk garbage false propaganda !

      • Rumania is full of old people and might belong to Roma people by 2050 Rumanian women have one child and a cat and Roma people have three children per family !
        Welp more about the lack of Nationalism in Romania,Nationalism in my country of ancestry which is NOT Russia or Ukraine is rising.Welp more why the European Union is NOT collapsing at once,it promotes replacement of European people with Afro Asians !
        If u love those vanishing hot Romanian women so much,they love cheeky Indians Africans and Arabs and Turks with money ! Google Anca Verma on Ytube.They dont care about Europe or survival of Romania at all.
        Eimai Ellinou.Katalavaino ena ligo Elliniki.
        I am Greek.I understand some few Greek.I was born in another region so my native language is other.

    • My age is 32 you ugly Romanian troll.Romanian men are disgusting just like many of their women,no wonder Romanians are the most despised Europeans not even Russians or Albanians or Serbs attract so much hate !
      And my IQ is average bit above 110 genius is IQ 120 or 130 !Normal is IQ 100.
      I will live in a safe country where i want to,i dont take lessons from uglier than me and yokel Rumanian men ! stay away from me and spam somewhere else !

      • I am sorry for this attack on the poor Romanians. God made each one for a purpose, just that there is evil in the world because of the forbidden fruit being taken by Adam and Eve. Just be ready for eternity to be saved and to go to Heaven and not the other way.

      • God has no favourites. I am finding that my Greek heritage is from the North of Greece. we must all realize that we were all made by God and accept each other. It is sin that causes the problems.

  31. Learn to be like Brits or Germans, Brits and Germans are polite even when they are angry !
    If u Romanian people really dream to be envied by some of Europe like u dreamed to be in 1918 and 1989 !

    • @Mikhail… Brits are polite when angry. Only 1 thing I have to disagree with you there. When we are angry, we’re very foul mouthed…

    • Aromânii nu sunt greci, deşi influenţa grecească i-a marcat puternic. Ei fac parte din latinitatea orientală (zone de latinitate menţinute la sudul Dunării după invazia slavă din secolul al VII-lea – aromâni, istro-români, megleno-români) şi au aceleaşi rădăcini ca românii (există şi teoria că ar fi urmaşii grecilor romanizaţi). Am studiat puţin limba aromână şi am observat asemănarea flagrantă cu româna, precum şi prezenţa unor cuvinte de sorginte dacă, ce infirmă această teorie. De altfel, în virtutea originii comune, de-a lungul istoriei, statul român a sprijinit comunităţile aromâne existente pe teritoriul celorlalte ţări balcanice. Mai mult, în 1925, regele Ferdinand a acordat numeroase privlegii aromânilor ce doreau să se stabilească în Dobrogea, în timp ce nici în prezent Grecia nu îi recunoaşte ca minoritate.
      Personalităţi de origine aromână (Constantin Noica, Sergiu Nicolaescu, Neagu Djuvara) nu au avut/au antipatia vădită pe care o afişezi faţă de români (deşi nu pari a fi de calibrul lor), identificându-se într-o oarecare măsură cu poporul român, dar fiind totodată dornici de a-şi păstra identitatea culturală aromână.
      Îţi recomand ”Aromânii: istorie, limbă, destin”(coord. de Djuvara).
      Afirm aceste lucruri în pofida faptului că mama mea este grecoaică. Tatăl meu este pe jumătate aromân. Locuim în România, dar nu avem acelaşi dispreţ pentru români. Să crezi că genocidul este o soluţie mi se pare înspăimântător.

      • Buna ! ca se te convingi de elenismul meu…ELENI insemana raza de soare..Invata ce inseamna sa ma frig cu feminismul narcisismul ochelarii de cal si habotnicismul sovinismul etc al ramlenilor si ramlencelor !
        primul far de pacat sa arunce piatra !
        mersi stiam de Juvara asta spune ca Europa daca nu mai are copii devine continentul arabilor negrilor si rromilor in 50 ani ! cine mai are curajul sa opuna o ultima rezistenta la colapsul Europei Rusiei Americii de nord Australiei? eu iubesc tot ce este caucazoid si european MINUS romania imi rezerv dreptul asta dupa ce vazui 20 si ceva state europene dupa anii 91 92…
        AROMANII DUPA MINE SUNT GRECOITALICI sau GRECOITALICIANATHOLIKI cu gene NORDAFRIKANIKE..eu am habar si care este originea poporului Nipon Japonez sau Yamato…In Rou sunt ignorant si marginalizat pe nedrept cu tot fizicul meu decent de 180 cm si intelepciunea peste medie care o spun peste tot !
        In afara Rou am primit respect real ! O fata germanica olandeza sau daneza cand mergeam cu avionul spre Schiphol in vara lui 2016 mi a dat 50 lei dupa ce i am confirmat ca ma intorc in Rou dupa o saptamana…In Barcelona spuneam ca sunt grecoslavonramlean…KEIN PROBLEM !Politie turistica foarte amabila mereu ! doar ca unii imigranti in Barcelona aveau tupeu sa ma mai acosteze pe strada daca paream dezorientat sau speriat la inceput..
        O ZI BUNA !

      • Fii sigur ca rromi vor atinge aproape jumate din populatia Ungariei Bolgariei si Romaniei pe la anul 2050…Nu faci copii femeie caucaziana ..FAC ALTII COPII mai multi in locul tau si iti iau locul in arealul biologic al speciei tale umane !
        Asa ca recomand cu drag ultimele bastioane europene..ARGENTINA circa 80 la suta europoida rata fertilitati la limita 2.2 copii per femela…2.0 2.1 nici Franta de abia mai are Irlanda Noua Zeeland Britania cred ca au cam scazut la 1.9..cauta pe Wikipedia si statistici ONU si CIA world Factbook Almanahul..si DE ASEMENI MALTA ! acolo nu dau navala refugiatii ilegali de fapt IMIGRANTI ECONOMICI chemati de bancherii elitei globale GYORGY SCHWARTZ SOROS si ROTHSCHILD EVELYN si ROTHSCHILD JACOB…ROTHSCHILD avand 500 trilioane eurodolari si dorind control asupra ultimelor trei banci libere pe glob de influenta clanului sau…Korea de Nord Eranshahr Persia si Cuba ultimului Castro…cine stie Rothschild dupa napoleon 1815 a pus mana pe banca londrei apoi banca statelor unite si a finantat AMBELE TABERE pentru profit dupa 1914 IN LUME ! Acum Trump si Putin sunt opozitie controlata papusile acestui clan malefic ! ok?o zi buna cauta pentru confirmare pe Google cat mai este netul inca semi liber !

  32. Interesting to read this…oh yes, and thanks for pointing out the sexism. I jokingly shake men’s hands at times, but mostly just get on with my work with some humor – hoping life will turn out fair in the end.
    There’s definitely an issue with collaboration…my job actually requires inevitable team work, and I’ve been in places where that meant arguments over arguments and a lot of wasted time on ego battles. To add though- having worked in a few countries in Europe, Romanian bosses are more prone to abuse or at least very aggressively assert their authority. Or maybe that’s a response to the insubordination, chicken and egg question. Either way, I perceive the system as much more rigid and discouraging of performance and initiative than in other places.

  33. As a citizen I see nothing wrong with “treating women with SUCH disrespect!” as opening doors for them or helping them with something or allowing them to sit on a chair. These are the manners we are expected to have and I’ve seen no woman to complain about them. Handshakes… Really? I don’t want to be disrespectful, as long as you know this is part of our culture and I’ll not see it butchered. With all due respect, women in other places are being treated as slaves, take care of them. If a woman wants to shake hands she needs to tell me and we will, if she dosen’t want my chair she only needs to refuse. I don’t want to see such beautiful things vanish and I do not want your feminism.

  34. I am a Scottish man and I have had the good fortune to meet, and become engaged to, a Romanian woman. She is loving, kind, passionate, VERY forgiving, cruel, intelligent, caring, and level-headed.
    In short, she is fascinating, and not at all like Scottish women. She has a different culture, and getting to know her, her language, and her culture, is truly a privilege.
    She is not a feminist, and does not expect any help, but I do this for her by cooking for her, for example.
    And she feels the same way about England and Brexit as I do!

    • @ Alexander…. Please don’t start with the English bullshit. Your fiancée knows nothing about England apart from what you’ve told her.. So stay in Wet Scotland & mind your own business.. I’m tired of people like you get a bit of foreign meat & then slag off England. Look at your own women 1st then English. TRAITOR!!!!!!

  35. Just visiting Bucharest and finding the people friendly enough
    Try Lithuania if you want unfriendly, unhelpful people. Romania a fine country – from a Brit.
    Pavements a bit dodgy though

  36. Wow. That’s your contribution from your “experience” of living among Romanians.

    Shallow, vapid and non-exclusive to Romanians. I know as I’ve lived in Romania and several other countries.

  37. When Romanians ask if you’re sick. They mostly mean what kind of sickness you have. Like, is it a cold, flu, stomach bug?
    I was confused when my husband (Romanian) asked that at first because in my country (Russia) people tend to be more straight to the point than Romanians. It’s more about breaking down communication barriers because there are a lot of them.

    My husband also was shocked that I’m not a feminist. Because apparently Romanian women are much more westernised now and… Well. Are bitchy now to men.

    And the deadline thing is just an Eastern European thing. Russians don’t give a damn if they’re late or not either. Same with Bulgarians, Polish, Lithuanians, and. Yeah. You get my point.

  38. You said that we dont salute or shake hands with women. Before you talk please investigate. We dont do IT because shaking hands with a women means she is a whore or that she is easy to get. Actually its a form of respect not doing IT. And we dont need feminism cuz we are equal în everything.

  39. So from my understanding, you have called them out on: None of them want to own up and take any responsibility for their own words or actions. They are not team players and hence they cannot ever be united. They are very opinionated and are not afraid to tell you on your face what they think and how they feel (emotionally). However they will lie to strangers where they believe they can profit in some way hence unless somethings in their benefit , where they will gain an upper-hand they will be dishonest to hide their own agenda hence crooked in business relations otherwise are very friendly people. As individuals they can be geniuses and pros, the best of the best, however they tend to be lone wolves and don’t think about the pack. They are extremely hardworking and dont give up on their own goals but do not think outside the box and because of their stubborness in making decisions and inability to think outside the box they cannot think of alternative paths or solutions to get where they want when the time comes for necessary change. They are narrow-minded and not broadminded i.e open to new ideas yet when they put their minds to something they are extremely inventive. Similar to the Chinese, good at copying & can make anything out from scratch. They are Hardworking but not smart.

    They are judgemental about people when something goes wrong (e.g feeling sick) so i guess that means they are more prone to believing anything ranging from superstitions to lies because they cannot fathom the truth. So once again this cajoles that they are not open to new ideas, they lack vision and imagination. This can also means that they are very intolerable to people of other cultures and being judgemental coupled with their generally stubborn nature would mean they show hostility to other faiths. So they are good at working for the present situation but terrible in the long run. They don’t think of their future and are not enterprising.

    Good companies/countries will take the best and brightest from all over the world and will not discriminate. They on the other hand are likely to discriminate other people unless once again they see a foreseeable benefit and likewise will keep good relations as long as they are benefiting so once again not thinking of the future, only the present.

    To conclude they sound quite selfish and not wanting to compromise.

    No wonder their country is in the state its in, according to them as you say they all have their own opinions on that matter. They sound very similar to alot of other countries

  40. In regards to your dislike why we don’t shake hands with women, it is nothing sexist in there, it is considered rude to shake a lady’s hand, it’s a custom of greeting, male and females kiss on the cheek twice when greeting, while men shake other mens hand, it’s more of a cultural thing same as in France they kiss on the cheek 4 times. A lot of women actually take it as an offence if you shake their hand

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