The hole in Bucharest that’s become a nature reserve

A failure in Romania’s brutal architectural planning of the 1980s has transformed a massive hole in Bucharest into an anarchic expanse of natural and urban coexistence. A feature published in UK online magazine City Metric. Pictures copyright Helmut Ignat The communists wanted a reservoir. The capitalists wanted a casino. The city got something else entirely. “No one […]

Let’s talk about sex in Moldova

Fornication has overtaken drug use as the main route of transmission for new cases of HIV in Moldova – The country needs a deep and meaningful conversation about sex –  a feature published on The Black Sea and  After losing his job as a barman in Moldova’s capital of Chisinau, 26 year-old Ivan found […]

Myth and industry

At the entrance to the Republic of Moldova’s second-largest city Balti, huge Soviet mosaics celebrate a paradise for the proletariat and peasants. A travel blog published on The Black Sea and   Giant mosaics decorate residential blocks constructed in the Soviet era in the industrial city of Balti in north Moldova. These images combine traditional folklore with Socialist realism to promote hope in an industrial […]