To all Romanians in the UK – please save the British from themselves

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A petty argument in the British conservative party between supporters and enemies of the European Union has forced the UK into a disaster. 

If the country leaves the 28-member bloc, financial ruin will spread across the continent, far right groups will seize control and the peacetime success of 70 years of the European project will collapse. 

But you – Romania – can help save us.

Prime Minister David Cameron is responsible for plunging the UK into this mess. He thought he could stop his Eurosceptic Conservative party pushing for EU exit by renegotiating the terms of British membership.

But no one understood what he really wanted in last week’s discussions. Not even Cameron himself. All he wanted was a victory. 

While Russia and Turkey played at war games and millions of Syrians descended on the continent, Cameron wanted to debate Britain’s denial of child benefits to Polish children living in Poland, whose parents live in the UK and pay UK taxes. 

And he succeeded! To shut him up, the EU member states let him take away food and clothes from Polish children. 

But that wasn’t enough for the Eurosceptics. 

You have to ask – what did they want, these anti-Europeans? For Polish children to suffer more? To raid their piggy banks in the search of any coin bearing the Queen’s Head?

If Cameron would have drowned these children in the Vistula, the right-wing press would have complained that it was “at British taxpayers’ expense” and “that there would have been a cheaper method”. And what would that be? Remember we’re talking about Poland here.

But now David Cameron deserves sympathy. 

Most of his party hates him. Many of his friends hate him. And, much like his success at passing the gay marriage laws and winning the referendum against Scottish independence, he must beg help from the people he has campaigned against his entire life – the opposition Labour Party, the poor, Barack Obama, The Pope, the people from the north of England, and you, Romanians, yes you – the people he and his sycophants have demonised for a decade. You have to save him from himself.

Following his announcement of support for Brexit, the Mayor of London Boris Johnson is now the greatest security risk to Europe. 

As a reporter for the Daily Telegraph in Brussels on EU affairs, he is accused of lying in print for his eurosceptic readers, helping to create the illusion in the British mindset that the European Commission is not a cadre of slightly overpaid bureaucrats, but a secret cabal of succubi bent on squeezing cash from British families to establish a Communist superstate run by Belgian chocolatiers.

As Mayor of London, Boris is overseeing a massive purge of the poor from the centre of the capital. 

While unrestricted capitalism seizes the city, low income families are thrown out of their home and their communities wrecked as they are forced to relocate in remote parts of the country. 

If he had purged an ethnicity from the city, this would be an international crime on a par with Nazism.

But because it’s the poor – they deserve it, don’t they? 

It’s their fault. They are guilty of not being born into rich families.

He is a comedian for people with no sense of humour. His one redeeming feature is his large crop of blonde hair, a farcical roof for a devious mind – the style of Andy Warhol, the ambition of Mussolini.

He is only campaigning for Brexit because he knows that if he wins, he will be Prime Minister.

If he loses, the Conservative Party membership, which favours Brexit, will kick out David Cameron and make him Prime Minister. 

Even if you love Boris Johnson, vote to stay in the EU. Because he will probably become leader of the UK. 

So the referendum question should be: do you want Boris Johnson to rule in a climate of a unified Britain or Europe at war?

First and second generation Romanians in the UK, remember – our countries have a bond that has only grown closer over the last three decades. 

Honour the great traditions which we seem to have forgotten – liberty, fair play and the rule of law. We sheltered political dissident Ion Ratiu and countless others from Communist exile. We love the Transylvanian countryside with a passion that borders on the obscene. So I am asking you to save us from ourselves. 

Therefore I urge all Romanians living in the United Kingdom to find a way to vote to stay in the EU – by any means! you’re resourceful! And if you can’t, tell your friends to vote. Even if the booths are crowded, teach us your talent at queuing, so we can relearn the importance of democracy.


43 thoughts on “To all Romanians in the UK – please save the British from themselves

  1. Hi, I am MAXIM…
    Good article… well done !!! It’s nice to read a reality and is pleasure to see that many British have another opinion ( I mean in good side ) about us Romanians ( I am from Moldova ) and another east european nations.
    I am moved in U.K. from 2012 and I can to say that I am happy here. I am thankful to Britain , that I have a good job, nice people around me….Thanks Britain !!!!

    P.S .: Good luck and all the best for you and your family.

  2. I am a Romanian, I have British citizenship, I live in UK since 2000.
    What a lot of rubbish! I read about your journalistic background, it looks that you work for EU. I was appalled when I read: ” To shut him up, the EU member states let him take away food and clothes from Polish children.” How desperate EU should be so you write such an awful article?? I did not find out what are your political views, but I would say you are a Corbyn sympathiser.
    I am just disgusted and horrified by your article.
    I would ask the Romanian readers of this article, to think back to the communist times before 1989 and to ask themselves what was the reason for that Revolution? FREEDOM and SOVEREIGNTY.
    Please vote LEAVE!!!

    • Daca esti roman, ai cetatenie britanica si votezi pt iesirea UK din UE, esti un IDIOT! Ti-ai vazut sacii in caruta ca ai cetatenie si acum nu iti mai pasa de ceilalti. Esti jalnic!
      De aia s-a facut Revolutia Romana ca sa ajungi tu sa ai cetatenie britanica si sa ai libertatea de a-ti expune parerile de vierme pe internet!

      • Raluca – Esti plina de venin si ura, sa nu mai vorbim de invidie. Habar nu ai in ce circumstante am ajuns sa locuiesc in Regatul Unit, asa ca vorbesti si mai ales arunci cu insulte si jigniri ca la usa cortului, ma intreb unde ai invatat astfel de limbaj si comportament fata de o persoana pe care nu o cunosti. Imi este mila de tine, sincer, acum nu stiu cine este viermele de internet!?
        Se vede clar ca romanii vorbesc si ei ca sa nu adoarma. Nu inteleg ptr o secunda ce ii doare pe romani ca UK iese din UE?? Care este problema? Va e teama nu o sa mai primiti pe dea moaca banii pe care UK ii da la UE? aproape 13 miliarde lire NET! Asta este ipocrizia! Nu ca eu locuiesc in UK, acest fapt nu te afecteaza pe tine cu nimic, dar daca UK iese din UE te va afecta….deci la cine te gandesti tu cand judeci decizia UK de a ramane sau nu in UE? La briatnici sau la romani? Acum tu este cea jalnica.
        Ce legatura are Revolutia Romana cu iesirea sau nu a UK din UE, zau femeie ca bati campii aiurea. Voi astia care sunteti in tara, habar nu aveti ce vorbiti, urmariti numai posturile de TV si ziarele care va manipuleaza opinia, din ceea ce scrieti se vede clar cat de deformata este imaginea pe care o aveti despre UK, mi se face sila sa va mai aud. Daca vreti intradevar sa aveti o contributie adevarata la dezbateri, puneti mana si aflati ADEVARUL despre UK si apoi aruncati cu noroi in UK si cei care sustin acesta tare, nu perfecta, dar democratica de 1000 ori mai mult decat Roamnia. Stit cum sunteti voi? Vedeti paiul din ochii altuia dar nu vedeti barna din ochiul vostru.
        M-am saturat de ipocrizie, dezinformare, rautati, jigniri fara justificare si limbaj de mahala. faceti ce vreti, ziceti ce vreti, nu merita sa imi mai peird timpul cu niste ignoranti!

    • Si tu pe baza a ce faci toate presupunerile respective despre autorul articolului?

      Articolul e prost si am sa explic in alta postare de ce. Dar nici tu nu stii despre ce vorbesti.

      Daca te-ai saturat de ipocrizie si dezinformare si nu mai suporti, iti recomand sa te muti intr-o tara scandinava. UK bate Romania la ambele capitole.

      • Nu stiu care este interesul tau sa imi raspunzi la toate postarile mele, sevede clar ca tu ai ceva impotriva romanilor stabiliti in alte tari. Nu crezi ca ar fi mai bine sa te uiti in ograda voatsra inainte de a incerca sa sortati problemele altora?
        Deabia acum am citit toate raspunsurile tele la cometariile mele, nu pot vedea decat rauatate si invidie, dara ce pot astepta de la un personaj ca tine!?

      • Iti dai seama de enormitatea afirmatiilor tale?

        Eu pot sa demonstrez, foarte simplu si logic, fiecare punct din raspunsul de mai sus.

        Tu poti sa incepi prin a demonstra ca ti-am raspuns “la toate” postarile?

      • Se pare ca tu traiesti in Cloud Cuckoo Land, zau fetito bati campii si lasi impresia ca esti un internet troll.
        Ce idiotenie sa imi zici mie sa ma mut intr-o tara scandinaviana, cand traiesc intr-o tara democratica, cu oameni politicosi cu maniere frumoase.

      • Din pacate se pare ca nu s-a prins mare lucru de tine in tara in care traiesti.

        Lipsa ta de orice politete, ba chiar impertinenta crasa te coboara atat de jos incat eu nu te mai pot urmari.

        Ca jurnalist roman in UK, nu pot decat sa te compatimesc.

    • You are the one full of rubbish Mad Tom. Vote out and you lose tons of jobs and money. You people don’t think at all! Use your brain. UK economy is high thanks to EU. That’s the only reason. British aren’t representing a country that is able to deal with its own problems. It needs to be inside a union. You will lose billions if you exit EU. Billions of pounds. But you will still keep your indians and africans and muslims you give them visa for the reason only UK knows while losing EU CITIZENS. Amazing thinking! UK is not in SCHENGEN AREA, you control your own borders, you have absolutely no idea what you’re tallking about. I blame the UK MEDIA who is as stupid as you are.

    • Niciodata n-am vazut atata ura si dispret generata de o neintelegere temeinica a problemei Brexit.

      Esti fix tipu ala de om tipic romano-tigan, si din cauza imigrantilor ca tine UK-ul se duce de rapa. Si tu ca si britanicii din alte orase inafara Londrei, dai vina pe Europa pentru tot ce guvernul actual si precedent au facut praf.”Nu boss nu e de la noi, e de la ei”, la fel gandeste si grecu care a obtinut cetatenia in 2005, la fel si iranianu care a obtinut-o in 2010. Se iese din uniune, then what? Minele din nordul tarii tot inchise o sa fie, ca nu sunt deloc profitabile, lira o sa pice foarte mult cel putin pentru 5 ani.

      Daca se intampla Brexit, sper sa te intorci la o banda de asamblare undeva, ca la cum vorbesti clar de acolo ai plecat.

  3. I’m a Romanian with British citizen and all i can say is this:If Uk is coming out from Eu,all of us will be fucked.I’ll do my best and vote for better Eu which is with Uk not without it…

  4. God save United Kingdom if its destiny is chosen by people from other European countries, people have lived in UK for few years only and don’t understand anything about the British spirit, people that just 2-3 years ago joined European Union and did not have the chance to see the true “face” of EU.
    If so, I do weep for UK’s future.
    PLEASE leave British people decide what they really want to do, I don’t remember British people voting in Romanian elections. Just be fair, do the decent thing and let UK decides its own future!

      • I will vote, of course! European Union is so much like defunct Soviet Union, Brussels is so much like Kremlin.
        I will vote for leaving EU.

      • Hypocrisy?
        Hypocrisy is when Romanians refuse to receive refugees, but in the same time they want to have the right for free movement in EU.
        Hypocrisy is when you are not able to choose a president capable to defend your interests and stop selling away the country , but you feel that you have enough understanding to get involved in internal affairs of other states.
        Hypocrisy is when you read and believe everything this Michael Bird says, but do not read the entire British press so you can feel the overall pulse of social and political life in the UK
        Who is Michael Bird ?? a famous unknown , from what I gather he doesn’t write for any well- known publication , has no past in journalism, he has a blog and do not even have the decency to respond to the feedback she receives for his articles.
        Just read an article, it seems that some Romanians start to understand what E.U. is in fact or better said what is became:

        “Bruxellistan sau a doua cădere a Constantinopolului. Suntem în război!” pe site-ul Expunere

        Inca o chestie C.L.G. , in 1989 an fost in strada si am manifestat ptr caderea comunismului, ptr democaratie, ptr libertate, independenta si suveranitate… tu poate ca nici nu erai nascuta atunci… ce pacat ca tanara generatie se crede atotstiutoare, nu e de mirare de ce tara a ajuns in paragina. Trist!

        p.s. va multumesc tuturor ptr ca mi-ai adus aminte cat de rautaciosi si ignoranti sunteti!

      • I was 12 in 1989, my father and my uncle were in the streets of Timisoara, where it all began. When I went back to school in January we were still frightened of terrorists, who of course did not exist in Romania at the time.

        You can name yourself the master of assumptions. By merely clicking on my name you would have gotten to my blog, which would have spared you making such a fool of yourself.

        I know the British media far better than you do, having met a few Guardian editors and even having worked with them on a couple of pieces.

        When one boasts their ignorance it’s always a bad sign. And I am being extremely nice to you, only because I pity you as one of those unfortunate Romanians who live in another country, but do not seem to have learnt much out of it.

    • Se poate sa nu mai raspunzi la absolut toate comentariile? tu esti ala cu probleme de pe pagina asta. Vezi-ti de treaba ta. Esti roman nu englez. Lasa aerele de UK. Stau in UK demult si eu. Eu zic sa lasi high self-esteem-ul de englez si sa realizezi ca UK fara EU moare. Ce sa mai zic, ti-au dat aia pasaport gata, ai uitat de unde ai plecat. Extraordinar. Asa cum am dat de pamant cu toti drogatii fara educatie din UK asa cum sunt multi englezi dau si cu tine de nu te vezi. Nici nu ma astept la UK sa ia o decizie buna, UK e o tara plina de drogati si betivi manipulati de presa. Habar nu au cat de periculos e sa mergi pe strada in Londra. Nu din cauza EU ci pentru ca ei dau viza la toti indienii si africanii si arabii! daia! daca erau doar romani si polonezi pe strazi era UK cea mai sigura tara din lume. Treziti-va ca ati picat toti intr-o cursa intinsa tocmai pentru decaderea Angliei. Asta se vrea. Iesirea din EU a Angliei pentru impingerea ei spre faliment.

    • Well Orix WM, you should only talk for yourself, not for all the Romanians. If this is what you think about your entourage , this is your problem.

    • I am not agree with you, mr. Orix! I think it is the best that EU to find a better solution, to convince people of UK to vote for stay. However I believe that EU need UK, and UK also need EU.

      One more to thing, I think in some situation, romanians proves that they are smart. As a romanian, I had the chance to visit your country, I love the country, and its people. I ask you only thing, respect us, as you respect your country. And if you not respect and love your country, do it for yourself.

      Alexandru B.

      • Alexandru, british people like romanians, only that there are some romanians in UK that behave really bad, there are many gipsies in London that sleep in parks and on the street, the mess and dirt they make is appalling. If we want to be respected by other people, we have to respect them first, to respect them and their way of living.
        I know lots of british that fell in love with Romania and have only good words for romanians.
        Anyway, I like your point of view, honest I would like UK to be part of EU, but not in the actual conditions, so all that I can do in the current situation is to vote OUT!
        Have a good day Alex!

    • I am not agree with you, mr. Orix! I think it is the best that EU to find a better solution, to convince people of UK to vote for stay. However I believe that EU need UK, and UK also need EU.

      One more to thing, I think in some situation, romanians proves that they are smart. As a romanian, I had the chance to visit your country, I love the country, and its people. I ask you only thing, respect us, as you respect your country. And if you not respect and love your country, do it for yourself.

      Alexandru B.

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  6. From my point of view, either UK remains in EU or chooses to exit, the problem of peace, as it has been for more than 70 years is however doomed. I do not necessarily mean that it will lead to a war, but the EU unity and equilibrium has already entered in a new paradigm: if UK remains, having a preferential status, other member states might ask a special status, claiming the British precedent. On the other hand, if UK leaves EU, other countries might follow it’s example, sooner or later. Each way affects the stability of the EU. Besides, if UK wants to exit the EU is not a surprise for anybody: it didn’t want to enter the Euro zone. Another problem is that of the social welfare system. What Cameron does is not something new or a particular political policy. UK shares what is known as “Anglo Saxon welfare system” which consists of social services provided according to the principle of contribution; from this point on derives the general British mindset which is not new. It is very different from other types of systems, as the Mediterranean one or that of the East Europe where social services are provided for all citizens, according to the principle of necessity. This is why the UK social system stresses the social insurance while the system of other countries stresses the social aid. From my perspective, this is what we should understand from the very beginning and then ask if UK is wrong or not; it is it’s own particular and historical way to deal with social problem and European community. 😀

    • You are deeply wrong, Raluca T. The British benefits systgem is not based on contibutivity. I have been living in the UK for almost 2 years and I have been surprised to see young women who make kids just to be entitled to get a house, money and some other benefits from the government. The more kids you have, the more money you get regardless if you have a job or not. That is why you will see young girls of 16 or 17 who have babies just to get these benefits. I have a colleague who works 8 hours every day and who lives in a flat given by the Council. She was complaining the other day that the Council has raised her rent although she works and she pays taxes while rents for people who have kids but do not necessarily work were not raised.
      This thing with the contributions for social services is a madness told to us, Romanians, by some stupid politicians.

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  10. It’s a long, tiring blog post, jumping from one thing to another without much reason or consideration.

    I am not completely decided if it’s actually a disguised insult towards Romanians. When you mention them being resourceful at getting the votes results to go to one side, it seems you hint at Romanians ability to cheat?

    If you did not mean this as a clever insult (something Brits have been known to be quite good at), it makes no sense anyway. The number of Romanians in the UK are not big enough to influence the result.

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  13. we need UK in UE!!
    behind all analyzes, stay one reason standing EU unity.
    Without politics, without partisan debate! The EU must be a single country, and all citizens rights are now linked to EU vote.

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