To all Romanians in the UK – please save the British from themselves

A comment piece in Romanian on   A petty argument in the British conservative party between supporters and enemies of the European Union has forced the UK into a disaster.  If the country leaves the 28-member bloc, financial ruin will spread across the continent, far right groups will seize control and the peacetime success of 70 […]

Baneasa: gated utopia now a playground for chickens

A comment piece on Bucharest’s northern district Baneasa, published in English and Romanian in Jug Before the financial crash of 2008, Bucharest’s northern zone of Baneasa wanted sex appeal. Real estate agents targeted citizens living with their parents in Communist high-rises with the dream of a home that could be secure, fashionable and seductive. Adding the […]

Bucharest: the city that nurtures success, the city that murders success

A comment piece published in Romanian on In the Icoanei garden in Bucharest’s 19th century centre, there is a fountain which gushes out water and tumbles into a stream that winds to the other end of the park to meet a large pond. Children play here. They jump over the stream. Sometimes they kick […]