Abandoned children helped in therapy by Romanian stray dogs: video

“A girl came to us who was sexually abused and she wouldn’t talk about it – but she came to the dog and talked to the dog about what happened – not caring that the adult was listening, but the relationship was with the dog and the dog was her confidant. A lot of issues […]

Man’s Best Friend

A feature documentary on strays dogs in Romania I directed, now available on Vimeo, executive produced by Ovidiu Dunel-Stancu. In the first five days of release the film gained over 5,000 views from over 100 different countries and the number of viewers are still rising in their thousands. Romania is once again in a dilemma […]

New life for Bucharest strays in therapy for disabled

A feature showing how stray dogs are trained to help mentally disabled children communicate and empathise in Romania. Online at http://www.thediplomat.ro/articol.php?id=1644 New life for Bucharest strays in therapy for disabled Facing death after a near-fatal car accident, Romanian street dog Gigica is now playing in therapy sessions with mentally handicapped children Five-year old Costin is […]

Romania’s first guide dog shut out from city

A feature showing the prejudice against guide dogs in Bucharest. Published in ‘The Diplomat – Bucharest’ http://www.thediplomat.ro/articol.php?id=1645 Romania’s first guide dog shut out from city Golden Labrador Chloe helps blind city resident Gabi Nicolescu move around the streets of Bucharest – but shops, hotels, taxis and buses ban them from going further Around the blocks, […]

Secret Life of the Romanian Dog

  Charities are sterilising Bucharest’s tens of thousands of stray dogs, but first they must catch the crafty hounds in a fearless operation requiring a net, frankfurters and a blowpipe. A report first published in ‘The Diplomat – Bucharest’ in December 2010   In a red uniform, beard and pony-tail Ovidiu is running through the car […]

How Romania turns dogs into cash

This is a small feature on how to turn stray dogs into a money-making opportunity in Romania, written for US story website Loopletters in January 2013 – http://www.loopletters.com/ How Romania turns dogs into cash For the past two years I have been making a film about Romania’s problem with stray dogs. The east European nation […]