Can this mild-mannered maths researcher save Bucharest?

A profile of Bucharest Mayoral candidate Nicusor Dan, published in CityMetric, part of the New Statesman group Standing behind 45 year-old doctor in maths Nicusor Dan is a wire shelf piled with hundreds of loose leaved files and cardboard folders. These are cases Dan and his team from NGO Save Bucharest! have brought against the […]

Revealed: Turkey’s massive global mega-mosque plan

A feature published in The Black Sea and co-written with Zeynep Sentek Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is exporting his nation’s brand of Islam to over 30 multi-million mosque projects across five continents – but he risks creating monuments to a leadership in decline We map the mosque plans – from Havana to the Philippines, […]

Baneasa: gated utopia now a playground for chickens

A comment piece on Bucharest’s northern district Baneasa, published in English and Romanian in Jug Before the financial crash of 2008, Bucharest’s northern zone of Baneasa wanted sex appeal. Real estate agents targeted citizens living with their parents in Communist high-rises with the dream of a home that could be secure, fashionable and seductive. Adding the […]

Turkey-funded mega-mosque in Bucharest sparks resistance

A version of a feature published in EU Observer Click here for an in-depth story and map of Turkey’s global mega-mosque building plan Resistance is gearing up in Bucharest against a giant mosque proposed for the city and financed by Turkey, as part of its push to build huge religious centres in major global cities. […]

Bucharest: the city that nurtures success, the city that murders success

A comment piece published in Romanian on In the Icoanei garden in Bucharest’s 19th century centre, there is a fountain which gushes out water and tumbles into a stream that winds to the other end of the park to meet a large pond. Children play here. They jump over the stream. Sometimes they kick […]