Moldovan energy intermediary company linked to “billion-dollar bank theft” scandal

A controversial supplier of electricty from the frozen conflict zone of Transnistria to Moldova has an ownership structure linked to companies involved in a “billion dollar theft” from Moldova’s banking system in 2014 A preliminary investigative report into Moldova’s energy troubles published in The Black Sea and across dozens of the largest news sites in Moldova […]

Moldova’s search for Moldova: views on a country divided

A short travel note published in The Black Sea and Chisinau is dark. In the subterranean walkways, lights are scarce, burnt out, flashing or dim. People walk in darkness. There are few lamps on the street. In the playgrounds in the evening, children sway on the swings and climb on plastic castles. They can’t see each other. Parents […]

Let’s talk about sex in Moldova

Fornication has overtaken drug use as the main route of transmission for new cases of HIV in Moldova – The country needs a deep and meaningful conversation about sex –  a feature published on The Black Sea and  After losing his job as a barman in Moldova’s capital of Chisinau, 26 year-old Ivan found […]

Riding a relic of brotherhood – Braving the Bucharest-Chisinau Sleeper

Bugs! Depravity! Bodily fluids! Experiencing romance and nightmare on the overnight train linking Romania and Moldova – a travel blog published in The Black Sea The means of transport to Moldova from the west are limited. There are expensive flights and overcrowded buses, but for those looking for a retro-chic experience of real travel, there […]

Deadly Moldovan drug causes addicts to lose jaws

Drug users in Moldova are losing their jaws to fatal intoxicant Vint, an injectable cocktail extracted from cold-and-flu relief tablets. An investigation published on new in-depth reporting website The Black Sea –    “You have to keep moving,” says 28 year-old Dmitri Ivko, an engineering graduate in Chisinau, Moldova. “You have a lot of […]