Crimea – where Russia’s war on drugs has deadly consequences

Up to 100 recovering drug users have died in Crimea since Russia seized the Ukrainian peninsular and banned their medication A feature published in The Black Sea, The Influence (USA) and Matters of Substance (NZ) magazines   Surrounded by seaside resorts, Crimea has been both a magnet for holidaymakers and drug users (picture copyright: Petrut Calinescu)   “I had to abandon home, […]

How Hare Krishna and Therapy Saved Me from Drugs in Tiraspol

Breaking free of crime and opiate addiction in Moldova’s frozen conflict zone of Transnistria needed a cocktail of spiritual and psychological aid for ex-fighter Yuri – a feature published in The Black Sea A former amateur boxer and soldier, 42 year-old Yuri, is reminiscing about his veins. Once they were raised and prominent, like those of a […]

Deadly Moldovan drug causes addicts to lose jaws

Drug users in Moldova are losing their jaws to fatal intoxicant Vint, an injectable cocktail extracted from cold-and-flu relief tablets. An investigation published on new in-depth reporting website The Black Sea –    “You have to keep moving,” says 28 year-old Dmitri Ivko, an engineering graduate in Chisinau, Moldova. “You have a lot of […]