Crimea – where Russia’s war on drugs has deadly consequences

Up to 100 recovering drug users have died in Crimea since Russia seized the Ukrainian peninsular and banned their medication A feature published in The Black Sea, The Influence (USA) and Matters of Substance (NZ) magazines   Surrounded by seaside resorts, Crimea has been both a magnet for holidaymakers and drug users (picture copyright: Petrut Calinescu)   “I had to abandon home, […]

‘Moving to a village should be a great exit strategy for a heroin user – but it was a big mistake’

1. Ukraine: Part of a series of three stories revealing the complexities of living with HIV in east Europe. Published in The Black Sea “I tried to escape from heroin in the city to my grandparents in the countryside – but there was the source of the drug. That’s where I think I contracted HIV,” says ex-user […]

‘Ukrainian women are tough – they can stop a horse’

Meeting the mothers with HIV who refuse doctors’ recommendations to abort their babies in Ukraine and Moldova. A feature published in The Black Sea and EU Observer I meet Svetlana in a cafe in central Kyiv. She is 38 years old and a month away from giving birth to her first child. “Finding I was pregnant […]