Michael Bird Background

Michael Bird is an award-winning investigative journalist and writer based in Bucharest, Romania and London, UK. He specialises in long-form features about eastern Europe, as well as comment, satire and fiction.

He is winner of the 2015 Award for Best Initiatives of European Online Investigative Journalism, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (European University Institute, Florence, Italy) for his work on covering the HIV epidemic in eastern Europe.

Major projects he has worked on include The Fix-Up: ‘How Sky News broadcasts false content about east Europe’ (Nominated for Best Reporting, Superscrieri Awards 2017), and Football Leaks. This latter project is a series of articles from the largest leak in sports history, undertaken in a cross-border project with European Investigative Collaborations spanning 14 countries, leading national media outlets and over 60 journalists. He also worked on Eurocrimes, a data journalism initiative revealing the nationalities of criminals in 25 EU countries, and on The Malta Files exposing the smallest EU country as a haven for tax avoidance, which was nominated for Best Investigative Journalism (Global) at the British Press Awards 2017 and the European Press Prize for Investigation in 2018.

Currently he works as a reporter and editor for The Black Sea www.theblacksea.eu – a platform that showcases investigative reporting in southeast Europe. This site was nominated for the European Press Prize for Innovation in 2014, and has also published work nominated for the Investigation Prize in 2016 and 2017.

Previously his work has appeared in the Independent on Sunday, Mediapart, Politico, Tagesspiegel, Ukraine Today, EU Observer, the Daily Express, Business Insider and Nieman Reports. He has been reporting live for Deutsche Welle TV, contributes as a guest correspondent to BBC Radio 5 ‘Up All Night’, and has been an expert interview in 2017 for the BBC and Al Jazeera on Romania and for Dutch TV documentary ‘Zembla’ on Donald Trump’s relationship with Kazakh oligarchs.

His short fiction published includes The Calling (‘Trouble’ anthology by Grist publishing, 2019), These Walls of Me (Winner of Second Prize, on www.theshortstory.net, 2018) The Happy Parents (Pulp.Net), Reindeer Salami (Wells Festival of Literature Prize 2011, shortlisted), The Joy Ultimatum (Hayward Gallery George Condo Prize, 2012 shortlisted), England Doesn’t Want You (Bristol Short Story Prize 2013 anthology), The Plait (Bristol Short Story Prize 2015 anthology) and Fallout (published in the Exit Earth Anthology, 2017).

This site concentrates on examples of his work since 2008.

Photos on the site are from Romania, Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia, and are taken by Michael Bird, unless otherwise mentioned.

Twitter: @MichaelBirdUK


9 thoughts on “Michael Bird Background

  1. Hi, I saw your documentary on the Romanian stray dogs on Action Aid for Animals. I’m writing an article about the situation in Romania. Could you kindly tell me when exactly that video was made? I’ll be quoting from it and mentioning the video and your name – I hope that’s ok with you. Thanks

    • Thanks for your interest – the video was made between 2011 and 2012 with some re-shoots in late 2012. The decision of the Constitutional Court at the end of the film was in March 2012 (I think, but thereabouts) – since then the Constitutional Court changed its mind (in September 2013) and has allowed the killing of the dogs.
      all the best

      Michael Bird

  2. hi Michael, I am thinking of going to Romania to do some secret filming and to get the footage out there in the UK, I have been helping with funding and bringing dogs over but I want to know more and to capture the real truths, ive seen footage and seen pictures but I cannot let this go, x

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  6. Hello from Korea, Michael!

    I’m Korean football fan and one of Football community in Korea!

    and You are well known as the real journo and your blacksea is, too.

    So We really hope to have a section with you!

    But only if you are fine with that!

    Please hope to have your response.. Happy day, Sir!

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